The Jolly and crazed St. Axun

Bitmas is a Bistrips meme that is the Bitstrips version of the X-mas season for the good people of Bitsville. It was celebrated since the inagural year of Bitstrips, and has evolved to contain its own mythos itself.

St. Axun and Auntie ClawsEdit

St. Axun is a jolly Santa-like figure who wears a gray suit and is actually a vegetarian well in control of his weight. It is said that his power in Bitsville was given to him by an extremely distant cousin, Santa, because Santa just didn't have the kind of time to get to every single resident of Bitsville, because despite being able to go 'round the world in a few hours, he isn't very net-savvy. So thus, he gave the command to Axun Claus.

There is, of course, his evil opposite: The nefarious Auntie Claws. She wears a

Auntie Claws plots vengance.

green suit, and lives in a hidden seabase under the equator, which has incidentally cold waters despite the fact of it being at the equator. When NORAD says they're looking for Santa, they are actually tracking her down, for she has a list of who has the best gifts to thieve from under the tree. But despite having a magical dingy with flying fish, she has one major shortcoming: her lactose intolerance and peanut allergies. Thus, her nefarious plots are foiled every year.

(Auntie Claws is a character belonging to BoomMike. See the original comic here!)