Road To Palmyra Animated Series

Bitstrips animation started in 2008 when knytrydr created a simple walking animation of his avatar walking. He would unknowingly indeed create the "Next level" of Bitstrips' future.
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Bitstrips Animated-0

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BlakeJuntunen has made many miscellaneous animations for Bitstrips the past few years or so. Most of them being for one of his series, they use a lot of effects, due to the effect-heavy nature of his comics on Bitstrips. They also contain many weapons he has made in his time.

Road To PalmyraEdit

Road To Palymra, one of the most famous collabs on Bitstrips, at least during it's prime, decided to make an animated series. It took the same path as the comic series, only with voices instead of text bubbles. Many people, as expected, voiced themselves. It also included a themesong, Bon Jovi's Living on a Praiyer. Unfortunately, the animated series only managed 2 episodes before being put on hiatus.

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