A meme on Bitstrips is Bitsville, a fictional town where the members of Bitstrips "live." Members often enjoy setting strips in this fictional town and the name can also appear in names of places, stores and shows for instance and can be seen in comics such as "Bitsville Inn" "Bitsville Visitors Center" "Bitsville Weapons Shop" and "CSI: Bitsville"

Suffering large amounts of damage throughout the years, Bitville was abandoned shortly after Bitstrips was shut down by its developers on July 8th, 2016.


An user with an avatar that is wearing black suit, with blue hair, black hat, white face without nose and ears still can be seen in the Bitsville and goes crazy. According to some users, this user first name letter starts with "A".

Bitville's existence lives on only as a memory of its former residents.


"Bitsville" during the Crash Of 2013.

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