Caruso is a classic Bitstrips 'meme' created August 28th 2008. First shown in Votchit's "When Narrators Get Bored"


Ba's Open Remix

The meme involves David Caruso, a prolific actor from CSI Miami, making a one liner about some event or murder, which then proceeds to a panel simply stating "YEEEEEAAAAAAH", simulating the part of "The Who" song "Won't get fooled again".

The meme gained major appeal and popularity when Bitstrip creator Ba made a remix of Votchit's strip, telling others to do the same. Soon bitstrippers from Bohemian, to Kathi, and even Xinpheld were making their own Caruso strips. Reaching near 200 strips made of the meme, in October the popularity died and it soon faded into the shadows, only to be remixed now and again at random.