The status creator.

The status bar, officially known as the chatbar, is the most common form of communication on Bitstrips. It shows up on every page, and can be used at almost any times.

Making a statusEdit

Making a status is almost exactly like making a comment, except the editor is reversed. Much like comments, it also shows the amount of time it was made from the current time, such as minutes, hours, day, so on. You can also post links and more properly communicate with others.

Deleting a statusEdit

Unlike most other things on Bitstrips, you cannot delete a post on the chat bar. Once it is there, it is always there, until you update, in which you can no longer see it. You can, however, delete a status by removing a friend, which gets rid of their posts on your chat bar and vise versa. The moral is, once a status is there, it's there forever.

Loading errorsEdit


The status bar loading. It should take a few seconds to load.

Loading errors is when the internet has trouble loading the editor, before or after the status. There is many forms, such as connection, speed of internet, or crashes. These are mostly temporary, and are uncommon.

Known glitchesEdit

Besides loading errors, there is a few glitches. One such glitch is when a link is posted, and it somehow merges itself with the "update your status" option. This is very hard to fix, and can only be fixed by the devs, or an experienced user. This could take a day or so to fix, and limits you to only message, comic, and comment chatting.

Another glitch that is rather common is for posts to use an older version of your avatar. There is no way to fix this other than reloading the page. This is also known to happen with messages, comments, and comics.


  • Posts have the shortest allowed length of any communication. 
  • By typing quotation marks, one can extend the text bubble for a post (picture).
  • Double spacing will not show up, and reduce to one space.
  • Foreign, non alphabetic/numeral (not including punctuation), symbols and characters (Japanese symbols, infinity symbol, etc.) will not show up and are replaced by question marks.
  • The time periods for posts go from less than a minute ago, then about a minute ago, then by minutes, hours, days, weeks, etc.
  • Any emotions typed will change you character's emotion.