An example of "user combination".

A collab is a group of users coming together on one, huge account. Collab is short for "collaboration", which means to work together.


A collab is usually 2 or more users getting together to become one. Sometimes the collab will have one of the member's avvy, or a character that isn't anyone's avvy. Another type of avvy they use is a combination of both of the users in one, often having a comic explaining how it happened. Collabs are often used for one series, such as Road To Palmyra. Others are for multiple series made by the users.

How one is madeEdit

A collab is usually made by one person asking if anyone wants to make one. If one person or more says yes, they will start making one. Once it is finished, they make sign ups to get even MORE users in. Then, they will usually make a comic about how the collab was made, usually leading to the user combining.


A collab is used for many things. One usage is for series. A collab can have one series focused on one thing, or multiple mini-series-like series that are random. A not-so-common use is for art, made by many users. However, collabs are not used as much as they are predicted to be.


The biggest problem with collabs is someone pretending they are another one of the members. This leads to lots of trouble between the group, and many arguements. Some people will not make one for this reason, or because the fact some don't get used at all after they are made, and just sit there.