One of Masterjab7's many comic wars.

A comic war is a war between two users, in which one user starts the battle by creating a comic challenging anyone or a specific person, and the other remixes, and so forth. A battle can have over 2 users, but it's easier to manage at, and more commonly seen with only 2.

How to battleEdit

A comic war usually contains two users using many various attacks, such as powers, and weapons, like swords. It goes on for a while, until it is either finished up or gets old. If ended by a user, it is usually to make them win by default, due to them making the last chapter. Sometimes people even create their own series for them.

One on one battlesEdit

The main type of battle, consisting of 2 people going head to head. They usually end the battle either when forgotten about or unfairly ended by a member of the battle.

Team battlesEdit

A not-so common type of battle, it consists of users teaming up against each other. This means there is more people remixing, which calls for organization. If not properly organized, the battle itself could be at risk of falling apart and becoming a mess.

Multiple users battlesEdit

This is when more than two users go against each other in a battle. Like team battles, there are multiple people remixing, and it could get jumbled up. It is best to organize a system for remixing, so there is an organized way for people participating to continue the battle without messing up the order to the point of ruining the battle.

Criticism And ControversyEdit

People often criticize comic wars due to their unfairness to other users. For example, when one user says that they killed the other user, the user who was killed will not accept their injury, and point out that it was a clone that was hurt. And others will end a battle on an undecided note, usually to make them the default winner of the battle. This is known as god-modding, being a part in roleplaying as well.