Want to put one panel into another, but don't want it to take an hour? Accidentally make a good scene in the comic builder and want to move it? Just plain lazy? This feature allows you to do all of the above.

How do I do it?Edit

It's only a few, simple steps.

  1. Find the panel you want to re-locate/copy.
  2. Right click on the PANEL background. Clicking on a prop, wall, or ceiling won't work. You must click the back of the panel. On a Mac, control-click works.
  3. Click "Copy panel to another comic".
  4. Go to the panel you want to put it in.
  5. Right click/control-click the panel you want to put it in.
  6. Click "Paste panel from another comic".

Will this always work?Edit

Chances are, probably not. It may not work if you have a panel beneath it, or if you click the wrong spot. Or, even if you do all the steps, it won't work. So you may not want to use this method all the time.


  • As of August-September 2012, you can now click on a panel background and click copy, then click paste on a new panel.