This is about the recent crash, if you want to see percifically about crashes see Crashes 

The 2013 crash was a recent crash which started 19th October 2013 and ended during November 19 2013.

What Happened?Edit

It all started when Bitstrips started their app a few weeks ago, on it's launch it was #1 in the world. This sent loads of traffic, more than Bitstrips has ever experienced, and that caused the server to break, so the server had to be fixed.

After the CrashEdit

It came back on November 19th with a few glitches and additions. The first was the posing wheel which was added during maintanence, although, some users cannot acces it as it sometimes goes at the top of the page or not seen. Secondly, the inbox is still in maintanence, and if someone was to click it it would go to the 2nd November message, but no one knew why. And then the scene builder is still in maintanence as well, and the reason is that someone found a bug on the scene builder making it not save your scenes, a way to save them was to leave. But still users got mad, because they wanted to make scenes for their series and couldn't. And then a later glitch in bitstrips was when you wanted to add a scene, it would go ERROR! That also got users mad. And then the glitch retired. Every user is protesting with a TotD saying: 'Fix the Site!' and it got spamed on every TotD from cube to landslide

Critcism Edit

As you can guess there is a bad side: At the start only a few people noticed including TheCompounder, ManBuddy, BAYSWAG, danutd and a few more. Then more people noticed, they were updating their profiles saying that they can't create comics, talk to friends or even creating a character or scene, then afterwards they closed the site having every page on bitstrips was replaced by 'Please Stand By' Which made users mad, that they asked questions on Twitter, Buddy said that they closed the site for preformance issues, but didn't calm users down!

Despite Bitstrips returning, the website seems to have some more problems. Such as some users not being able to send messages in the inbox, characters are not able to be moved freely by double clicking them and not being able to use scenes.