This is percifically about crashes, if you want to see the recent 2013 crash see Crash 2013

Crashing is when a site becomes disconnected from the internet or unavailable. Bitstrips crashes frequently, and annoys many.

Why does Bitstrips crash?Edit

Not every time Bitstrips crashes means something is wrong. Users will often link crashing with updates, although this is highly unlikely. Most reasons is a server error, or your internet connection. If your internet disconnects, it will say many things are unavailable. A server error happens when something goes wrong with your server or the Bitstrips servers

How do I stop the crashing?Edit

Unlike some things, crashing cannot be prevented easily. You can fix a crash by reconnecting the internet, which only works with disconnecting. Otherwise, wait for the page to return via refreshing, or close your tab and check every few minutes. These are easy ways to deal with it.

How long do Bitstrips server crashes last? Edit

It depends. Sometimes it will last up to a few seconds or a minute. The longest crashing was in 2013 at a recording of 1 Month

Lost workEdit

If you lose something during a crash, unfortunately, there is no quick-recovery plan. You may need to start over.


Crashes usually don't allow people to access the main site and use it to make series, character, comics, chat to friends etc. They can cause work loss, or deletion of work.