The developers, or simply devs, are the creators of Bitstrips. They are the people who make it all

Devs from left to right: BA, DK1, TV, Dorian and TJ.

happen. They run the website and make sure it is a great online experience. They are the administrators of the website. They give us the props, furniture, builders and effects we have right now. Without them, Bitstrips wouldn't exist.

Who are the developers?Edit

Below are the main team of devs.


BA is the dream-within-a-dream at bitstrips and does most of the work on Buddy's account. BA started with the idea that it would be a storyboard tool for Griddleville. Since then, Griddleville has been on the sideburner as has taken over most of his time. BA uses as a front for most of his projects.


DK1, also known as David Kennedy, is the primary programmer of Bitstrips.


Dorian is the creator of the Character Builder, and did a lot of work getting out of the gate. He still works quite a lot doing behind-the-scenes moderator work. He is also very important in getting rid of/banning users. After the report a bug feature was removed, only a select few know how to contact him.


Tomas is a graphic architect who designed the landscape and buildings of griddleville from scratch. He worked with in the beginning but has not been seen from in quite some time.


TV is one of the original team members who founded bitstrips, and still works on it.


  • Buddy is often confused for the creator of Bitstrips or a developer, but he is just a collab of the developers.
  • Other devs include Jaybo, mortas, IanD, MrSock, and tinkerbell (possibly). These are known to be devs because of their profile URLs. Dorian's URL is B9. Users B1-B8 are the only Bitstrips accounts created before Dorian, meaning they are most likely also developers.