The Editor's Pick, also known as EP on Bitstrips, is a place where exceptional co

Some featured series as of December 2010

mics and series are featured by the authors. Any comic can be featured; it's all up to the developers of the website!

Types of Editor's PickEdit

There are two types of Editor's picks; series and comics. The developers pick both the individual comics and series that have to be at least five comics long.

How Do I get Editor's Pick?Edit

In order to get a comic featured, you don't really have to do anything in particular; all you need is a good comic. The editors choose which comics get to be an Editor's pick. They also will feature series which are shown at the top of the Editor's Pick page. This is different from the series promos that users make for their series and are seen on the front page under the Featured Series banner (which are rotated from a pool of series promos that merely have to meet the promo guidelines).

What is a Series Promo? How do I Make one?Edit

These are unrelated to Editor's Pick series and are made by the user rather than a siter developer to promote their own series under the Featured Series banner on the front page. Series the editors sele

This is what you should see on the top of your screen once you clicked on a series. In order to make a Promo, click the text circled in red.

ct are seen on the Editor's Pick page and the promos are created by them.

In order to promote your series, you must make Series Promo for that series. For more information on that, click here.

Are there any Rules to Series Promos or Comics?Edit

There are no rules for a strip or series to be picked other than that it should be outstanding enough that the editors choose it. People creating a blub or promo for a series are advise to follow these rules:

  • A series must be at least five episodes long.
  • There can't be inside jokes in any of the comics.
  • The comics must be well-designed.
  • The blurb Series Promo must be creative.
    Genre BA

    The 'Genre Bar'. If you click on the 'More'button, it will lead you to more genres in which you could also find Editor's pick.

  • Nothing could be outside the blurb.
  • The series must be either active or is finished.

These blubs will then enter the pool to appear under the Featured Series banner on the front page. Comics chosen by the editor's appear on the Editor's Pick page.

Where are the Featured Stuff?Edit

If you click on a genre from the genre bar, you will see the editor's pick for that genre.

The Series Promo is on the front page, under a caption that says 'Featured Series'. There should be five series displayed and is unrelated to being chosen by an editor. If you want to see more, refresh the page. More should appear.