First editorial

The first episode of Editorial.

Editorial is a series by Bitstrips developers, and is one of the most widely read series on Bitstrips thanks to its former spot on the front page.


The series is made on the Bitstrips account Buddy, which is used by Bitstrips developers, and is named for the main character and star of Editorial, the Bitstrips mascot. In some cases, the Editorial is used for informative purposes, such as to notify the community of a new feature. Other times, it is used to entertain readers with the adventures of Buddy, and his somewhat more serious brother Bitty. The series has not had a new episode since July 2012, and is now about Buddy's death.


As the Editorial finished being 'daily' People had waited for the next editorial, sometimes the admin's collab would wait to do it untill next year, The recent one was 27th July 2012, since then Buddy took the editorial page off probably because of the popularity or the devs had ran out of ideas. This made editorial readers mad and they were protesting on comics saying that they need a new one, unfortunatly they haven't. 


  • In the recent years, it's popularity has gone down, due to lack of episodes and effort.
  • The editorial is/was the longest running series, from January 2, 2008 (or older, as the first one has a 2002 copyright on the bottom), to July 27, 2012.
  • As of June 12, 2013, it is no longer on the front page.