"Explain" is a popular Bitstrips meme created by ScaryCousin. The meme shows what someone would say if they caught someone else doing something that they don't like. The questions can be different, but the responses to all three questions are always the same. All three answers include the Bitstripper's avatar with big eyes and a smile on their face and a caption saying "What the hell are you doing?". On the first question, it comes normal, but in the next two panels, it becomes more frightening. In the second panel, the answer is the same, except now the character and the caption box have gotten bigger. And on the third panel, the backround has become red and the character is now upside down and the captions are now so big that they cover up half of the character.


This meme has only been used by six people on Bitstrips, possibly because other Bitstrippers find this meme quite boring.

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