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The Facebook app is a program of Bitstrips that is available only on Facebook and allows you to get some unique items. It was shut down in June 2016.

Use? Edit

The app works like an achievement system. The more achievements you get, the more stuff you get. Some of the achievements are easy, while some are hard to achieve. There is no way to exploit them by remixing characters because they disappear from the character once you get into the builder. You can't even make a comic with a friend who has one.


As mentioned before, there are unlockable items from the app. He is 12 out of 15 of the achievement items.

Arrow HatEdit

Achieved by making a status comic 2 days in a row.

Bunny EarsEdit

Achieved by having 5 friends use avatars you made for them.

Clown HairEdit

Achieved by making 15 friend comics.

Clown HatEdit

Achieved by making 30 friend comics.

Clown NoseEdit

Achieved by making 5 friend comics.

Deely BoppersEdit

Achieved by making status comics 30 days in a row.


Labeled as a reward item, however, it takes 5 of something to achieve it.

Heart GlassesEdit

Achieved by liking Bitstrips on Facebook.

Star GlassesEdit

Achieved by designing 1 friend.

Steampunk GogglesEdit

Achieved by making 7 status comics in a row.

Viking HelmetEdit

Achieved by designing 20 friends.

X-ray SpecsEdit

Achieved by having one friend use an avatar you designed.


Some people are complaining about the app. There is two reasons:

  1. It is unfair for those who don't have a Facebook, cause they have no way to get the items.
  2. Some people dislike the idea of using Facebook to get items for their character.


  • Along with the achievable clown hat, there is also one in the public character builder on Bitstrips.
  • Along with the achievable clown nose, there is also one in the private character builder on Bitstrips.