An example of a flag, in this case for mature.

Ever since the start of Bitstrips, comics have been flagged. There is 4 catagories

with 4 subcategories (a total of 8).

  • Mature
  • Offensive content
    • Sexually offensive
    • Religiously offensive
    • Ethnically offensive
    • Offensive to GBLT
  • Hateful or abusive content
  • Spam

How does something get flagged?Edit

The majority of strips that get flagged get flagged as mature. Mature involves swear words that are too "strong" for the younger viewers to read. Offensive content is when something is offensive to a specific group of people, such gays, lesbians, or a specific race. Hateful and obusive is offensive to one specific person or two, and spam is usually when someone remixes a comic, or makes a comic ripping off something else.

Blocking contentEdit

On old accounts,there was an option to hide specific types of comics by simply clicking "hide/show mature/offensive content" in "settings". Now, on new accounts, it is automatically done for you unless you are 16 or over. The problem with mature content and young users is that young users that clicked "show mature content" will comment "Eww!" or "Why did you do this?" only to be told by older (or more mature younger) users that it's their fault, not the creators.

Problems with flaggingEdit

On new accounts (2012+), which the age is set below 16, a flagged strip will take you to the error page, instead of the old "This strip has been flagged mature." page, which still showed the comments. Some users do not know this, and link the comic in the comments. This makes some series unreadable to the new users with a 15 or below age set on their account.


Misflagging is when something is innapropriately flagged, usually by a troll. The flag usually makes the user who's comic was flagged mad, and blocks it from users who blocked mature content. Unlike remixes, it is impossible to know who flagged it unless they come out and say so, or say somewhere that they did.