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Frednoah is a Bitstripper who joined Bitstrips on July 11th 2012. His most popular series are miscelania, renegades, and unlimited comics inc. Frednoah has received fairly positive feedback, having over 900 laughs and only 160+ groans. As of November 2014, frednoah has 165 published strips.

Popular Series Edit


Miscelania is frednoah's most popular series, with 15,000+ views, 400+ laughs, 480+ kudos, 360+ favorites, and only 90+ groans. The series is a miscellaneous collection of art and comics, ranging from remix comics to superhero art. The series has 70+ episodes.


Renegades is frednoah's second most popular series, with 2,900+ views, 190+ laughs, 220+ kudos, 160+ favorites, and only 10+ groans. The series is an art/character design series. Renegades has 10+ episodes.

Unlimited Comics Inc

Unlimited Comics Inc is frednoah's third most popular series, with 3,270+ views, 110+ laughs, 140+ kudos, 80+ favorites, and only 30+ groans. The series appears similar to renegades: an art/character design series. Unlimited Comics Inc has 19+ episodes.

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Frednoah's profile can be found here.