"Fresh As A Bagel!"
coined by Aceoman

"Fresh as a Bagel" was a line coined by Aceoman sometime in the latter portion of 2010. It consists of four easy steps.

1) Roll your pupils to back of your eyeballs, as seen in the picture.

2) Squint just a little tiny bit, as seen in the picture.

3) Open your mouth as wide as possible, as seen in the picture. (Don't forget to smile!)

4) Shout, in capital letters, "FRESH AS A BAGEL!"

This line was immediately part of Bitstrips canon, became a meme legend, and the rest is history.

The line met massive controversy among his peers, and people like pokerguy96 had modified the phrase to something like this:

"Like a bagel or some s***."

It was later realized that Madygascar had in fact created this version of the meme.

Choozeboy has done the same with it on the promo for the series "Quest for the Golden Bagel"

DubbleO had said this on the promo:

"By the looks of the promo, this series will be as fresh know, I don't even have to finish this sentence."

There is also another meme similar that is "Mouldy as a muffin!", which according to Aceo is a catch-phrase created by his evil twin, Oecaman.