Friend Request Limits
Screenshot 1

The notice once you've gone over the limit (in Google Chrome).
Feature Details
Name Friend Request Limit (unofficial)
Located Popup Window
Use(s) Alerting users they've exceeded the limit

 Friend request limits are used when you send too many friend requests, it's usually affected by how many rejects/ignores you have gotten.

How do I go over the limit?Edit

You go over the limit by sending too many friend requests in one day. This ammount differs per user, usually by how many people have accepted a friend request you have sent in one day. 

How do I know I did?Edit

You will be notified when you go over the limit. Whenever you go over the limit, the next time you try to send a friend request, it will say so in a pop-up notification. However, each time you go over the limit, the next day you can once again send a friend request to whoever you want. You can send another one if someone you sent one to on that day accepts theirs.


Not many people like the limit due to the amount of friend request they sent before it. Sometimes the limit will narrow you down to two, or even 1. The number of how many requests you can send varies, depending on how many people have accepted or rejected your sent requests lately.