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BoomMike's friend Policy

A Friend Request Policy is a policy a user makes so before someone sends them a friend request , they can know what the user will expect from them. Many people make a friend request policy to show what they want, expect, and like in a friend. For example, some people want mature friends, but some could care less about how you act. One user could want only friends at their age, but another user could want anyone of any age. The rules on a policy differ from one to the next.

How does one work?Edit

A Friend Request Policy is simple. Most give to categories, one for current and one for possible future friends. The catagory for current friends gives things friends must maintain to stay as a friend. The catagory for possible future friends gives off attributes a user's ideal friend needs to have. 

A few of the problems with friend requests is that they get messages with friend requests from users who had never read their friend request policies. A few people have a strong loath for anyone's friend request policy, the reason users loath friend request policies are because you change yourself for one person who you just want to be friends with because your a huge fan of their comics.

FR Policy

A Friend Request policy by Cassis2kool4u.