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Fump is the influential, ground breaking, and simply amazing meme to ever hit Bitstrips. Created in December 2008, Fump was a sound effect used by user "BohemIAN" first for the instantaneous growth of hair and then for other things, especially people falling down.

Some other Bitstrippers such as BoomMike used it for people falling down as well as a free expression of anger, pain, and various other happenings. Soon the Fump movement began speed, playing small strip venues like IAN's and DWF's, but soon hitting the front pages once a week. This began "Fumpmania", and you could not look at a strip without noticing a good fump in it's foreground. Fump hit it's peak when it had the honour of becoming the first Bitstrips made object to have a fan page made for it at Fump group on FaceBook .

Time has passed and people have moved on, but a few will always remember the magic of the great FUMP!