The message system, also known as Bitmail, or messaging as it is now more commonly refered as, is how the users communicate in Bitstrips.

What is a Bitmail?Edit

A bitmail is the equivalent to a e-mail, only it's sent on Bitstrips. It is in the form of two people, with speech bubbles as the messages. People type what they want to say in the speech bubbles.

How do I send a Bitmail?Edit


In order to send someone a bitmail, first go onto their profile page. This could be done either by clicking on their avatar on a comment or by searching their name up the the search bar. On the bottom of the profile page are several icons; the 'Send a Friend Request', 'Ignore' and 'Message Person Name' icons. Click on the send message icon, and a message builder will pop up. Write the information that you want to write in your speech bubble. You could also the characters in the bitmail's facial expressions and postures. When you're finished, click the 'Send' button on the top right of the Bitmail.

Designing a messageEdit

Because messages are usually quick, there is no detail made. If you want to add a scene, select a scene from the "scene" section, or search the name of the item in the search section. You can only (by default) edit your text, position and posture, and unless a scene is put it, you are limited to one spot, and the fact you cannot access your characters/scenes, which makes messages more restricting. Once you are done messaging the person, simply press "send" at the top. If you do not wish to send a message, simply click "cancel".

How do I Stop Someone from Sending me Mail?Edit

Sometimes, people could be extremely annoying by spamming you with Bitmails or sending Hateful/Abusive content using the same method. In order to stop them from sending you the messages, you could ignore that person.