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Name Search
Located Top of page
Use(s) Finding desired item

  The search option is a feature on Bitstrips to help locate what the user desires. In 2012-2013, there was an update of the old search, where instead of the old way, which gave you options of users, characters and comics, it now displays them all in a Google Search-like fashion. It is also powered by Google, and shows images for everything you search, like some Google searches.

How does it work?Edit

First, like the old search, you type in what you want to search. Next, the results show up in a list, with a thumbnail image for every item that came. Originally, series would not show up as results, but now come up when the name or similar is typed. It will show images of the friend's photo for older users, and the top rated or a random comic thumbnail for the users from after. For series, it will usually show the first episode, and the first panel for any comics that come up. The search makes it harder to find something, as the comics related or about the topic might go up to the thousands. It will also tell you how long it took what you searched to show up.