The Remix challenge was one of the many features on the front page.

What is a Remix Challenge?Edit

A Remix Challenge is a challenge that appears on the front page of Bitstrips, and is updated with a new challenge approximately every month. In the small image blurb, there is a strip without any text, for users to edit. The top 4 rated comics in this category appear as top authors for the remix challenges.


The December 2011 remix challenge is shown on the side.

It is a strip of Zelda, inside of a house, watching hobo Harry, sitting with a box. The current top authors for this remix challenge are Canadianeagle, Thomasilly, mario1204, and LeiraSnag. However, these top authors change depending on the amount of rates that their comics receive.

There is a new challenge approximately every three months.

How do I submit a remix challenge blurb?Edit

Remix Challenges are started by other Bitstrips users. You can submit a blurb which might later be used for others top edit by going to the Create a Remix Challenge page.

How do I make a comic for a remix challenge?Edit

The only way is to go to the main remix challenge page and click the image for the remix challenge.