Rock Falls Everyone Dies(better known as Rocks Fall Everyone Dies) is a plot device often used in film, litarture, theater, television, and fantasy roleplaying in which all of the characters are unnecessarily killed off. It has also become a common meme on Bitstrips. It was used for the first known time on Bitstrips in VivaSuprise's teased drama series, One.

In "One"Edit

VivaSuprise's much ridiculed "One", a drama series about a high school girl who is physically abused by her father, ends with the main characters literally being crushed by a huge swarm of rocks coming from the sky. This was most likely Viva's answer to the criticism her series had recieved. After the finale was released, Viva deleted "One". It was followed by a sequel series, "One Happy Afterlife", in which after being crushed by the rocks, the characters ascend to heaven.


Just like most of the material in "One", the Rock Falls Everyone Dies sequence was satired famously. In the final panel of Painkiller's "One" spoof strip, "The Best Series Ever!", rocks fall from the ceiling and crush the main characters. Tristaph's strip, "Masterpiece", depicts Tristaph frolicking outdoors, only to be smashed by a boulder in gruesome detail. The final panel depicts a troll looking at the strip from his television and applauding it, saying, "That was a truly beautiful ending...I stand in awe."

Also created (although published only for a short time) were parodies by The Driver and DubbleO, of their serieses Soul Mate and A Hard Day's Night (A Bitstrips Adaptation) respectively. Soul Mate's parody showed the series' protagonist, Rafael, mourning his wife, saying if she died he would go with her. Cue rocks falling on top of him and crushing him along with him saying "LOL Thanks God." The A Hard Day's Night's parody showed the opening scene of the film, with the Beatles running away from their fans. Seconds in, a giant rock falls from the sky, crushing them.


Of course, being a satirical parody of what some considered to be a wholesome ending to a good series, the parodies were soon given negative attention when seen on the Front Page. Several people, including "One" author VivaSurprise, took offense to the parodies, and there were arguments in the comments of the parody strips.


Theres already a fan-made series called Rocks Fall Everyone Dies.