Roleplaying is a common activity on Bitstrips where users act out a story or idea as themselves or another character.


Chatbar RoleplayEdit

One type of roleplay on Bitstrips is on the chatbar.

Comic RoleplaysEdit

Another common type of roleplaying is to remix comics between the two. While this is effective in that they can look at the newsfeed instead of filing through posts, they still spam other's newsfeeds as well, and they are often made one-after another, and this can be annoying. Back in late 2011, many people who were into roleplaying had made accounts as to not spam the chat bar of friends unless they wanted to join in as well. This is a good solution, but, like most things people hate on, somehow became bad.


Roleplaying has been criticized due to the noseless fad, due to the fact that, well, there is no nose. Noseless haters have even once tried to make an "anti-noseless group", which made many mad. People also claim "roleplaying is stealing their friends", and Noselesses are also made fun of using troll speak and text talk, and often teased with the remark "How do you smell stuff?". They are also criticized on their roleplay actions, such as "having sex" or "touching his-".