Santiago Reveco Lepe (MUST READ IT!!) - Please READ THIS!!!


Thank you for clicking on this page. Ok, now if Santiago is one of your friend, PLEASE UNFRIEND HIM. Why? Because he will betray you. This happened to me and my friend. My friend actually got bullied by one of SRL friend. My friend hates him and srl told my friend that he respect his opinion. 3 minutes later, SRL UNFRIEND my friend. srl told my friend "I'm not your friend anymore!". Btw, this my story and this is how he unfriended me. One day I just published a strip called "DA REAL HOT DOG", a few days later, my friend made a comment says "sexy hound" and "yeah thats my dog" which is not offending me. Then Ezequiel put a comment says "Ok that just weird". It also doesn't offend me. Then SRL commented "@Ezequiel Yeah ikr". Ok. Wait. WHAT. He's agreeing with a person that he hates so much. Btw Ezequiel doesn't made a series that offending me well. But then SRL MADE A SERIES CALLED "What the fuck,Aqyll?!". This is offending me. SRL CANT EVEN TAKE A JOKE AND HE TAKES JOKES SERIOUSLY. Expectations and True strips only used for haters. Just like Joey Nigro did to his haters. SRL MADE A EXPECTATIONS AND TRUE STRIPS TO HIS FRIEND. Me. HE WANTS TO BE HATED. So I unfriended him. SRL Died.


  • Do not make a joke strips such as "DA REAL HOT DOG" or "Me in real life" Thats a joke where you put yourself ugly.
  • Don't hate one of his friends. He will tell you that he respects your opinion. But that is a lie. He betrays you.