Sci-Fi/ Fantasy is a category that deals with both science fiction and fantasy strips. Some series that appear in this category are Local Patrol by BoomMike, Space Aces by Thomasilly, and Life In Asteroid City by Ogreoregon.

In this category, you would put strips that either deals with Fantasy (strips that deal with magic and other supernatural phenomena as major components of plot and setting in situations and places that do not require logical, scientic explanation for occurances other than what is self-referring within the frame work of the story) or Science Fiction (strips that have fantastic stories with a strong basis in established or likely scientific fact dealing with imagined events often but not always set in the future dealing with the impact of ideas and possibilites on people and/or societies) and generally includes what is sometimes known as Speculative Fiction in it's various forms. This category's strips will often include features found in other categories such as drama, humor, horror, action, adventure and the basic look of many of the strips will have elements of the Experimental category to them.