Seph is a Bitstripper who joined Bitstrips back in late 2009. He is well known for his series "doesNOTcompute" and "Nostalgia", both which are over a year old (currently) and has recieved positive feedback. Despite his lack of recent activity, both series are going strong and still recieving positive rates. Seph is believed to have a brother, whose username is William24, who he has referenced from time to time in his strips. At this moment, Seph has over 800 strips.

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doesNOTcompute is a series about average life, currently starring the characters Axel ElRite, Evanna Seelig, Weston Moore, Dmitri Albarn, and Octavia Myers. The series currently has 102 episodes and is Seph's most popular series. 

Bitstrips T.C.G. Extreme!

Once Seph's most popular series, Bitstrips T.C.G. Extreme! is Seph's longest series with 205 episodes. Seph has made cards for a large amount of Bitstrippers, including Boommike, Uzi Bazooka, Michael Vox, and others. Despite being his longest series, Seph has said that he has no more interest with it and does not plan on continuing it further.


Said to be Seph's most well-made and well written series so far, Nostalgia has recieved multiple claims due to its detailed appearance and well-written dialogue and story. Nostalgia is about an intelligent doctor named Enzo Vakoria, his apprentice Williams, and Doctor Vakoria's demon, Nostalgia. The series is currently 15 episodes long.

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donnydarko's opinion of Nostalgia so far.

Future Projects

Seph has not said much about his future series/projects, but he has revealed that he is planning a sort of dark sci-fi series roughly based on Serj Tankian's Imperfect Harmonies album. Seph has not made clear what he meant by that, but said he would need time to develop characters and a plot for the series. He has not revealed the date of its launch.

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