DK1's comic for the new props, featuring the cotton candy, lawn chair and palm tree props, which came with the update.

September's prop update was an update that introduced many props, inlcuding hidden props, one of which is the famous ladder prop.


The update came September 22nd, 2011. It introduced some new sections, such as "Beach" and "Toys". The new sections include Beach_ball, Frisbee, water_pistol, and Beach_pail. Not only was there brand new props, but some old props got a new feature, the layering feature.


A new feature, it allowed users to make people sit in chairs, baskets, and in the trash can.It also made it easier for layering garbage, Easter eggs and the like. The props that got the new feature or another that weren't in this update were:

  • Basket_easter
  • Bathtub
  • Bunkbed
  • Dog_house
  • Entertainment_center
  • Garbage_can
  • Hotdog
  • House_01
  • Lawnchair_01
  • Love_seat
  • Shopping_kart
  • Swing
  • Swingtire
  • Toilet_paper
  • Trashcan
  • Ugly_couch
  • Wastebasket


  • Many props that came out at this update were hidden, but were put into catagories eventually.
  • Many other props and furniture got the layering eventually.
  • This update introduced the 'in the news" title prop.
  • All of the trees in this update are in props.

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