K3NVS 751K

Hey! It's Sticky!

Sticky the Bitstrips Basic is, as his name suggests, a stick figure. What is so unusual about him is the only way to access him is the comic builder. Due to not having a profile, not much is known about when he first appeared. He is treated as an object rather than a character.


What more can be said other than he's your typical stick figure. He has a circular hand with five fingers, a circular head with two circular eyes with black pupils, and the body of a stick figure. 


  • If you make a comic with him, he won't show up in the cast box. The same applies with the dog or the cat.
    • Out of those 3, he is the only Human character, and the only Bitstrips Basic. (as human as a stick figure could be.)
  • For some reason, you can't make him squint, or any other form of half-closed eyes.
  • He may be based off of the stick figure in the comic builder that lets you pose your characters, but this is most likely just a coincidince.
    • The only differences are that Sticky has a mouth, pupils and fingers while the stick figure in "controls" doesn't.
  • He is the thinnest character on bitstrips (due to being a stick figure).