Thin lines was a major update made on November 18th, 2011 where the lines of characters and comics edited/made from that point on, along with faces on the chatbar, had thinner lines than before. There was some commotion about

The difference between the thick and thin lines.

if people liked it or not, which after a few days, dropped immediately.


When thin lines were realesed, some users complained that they hated the new lines. The devs gave those people a (limited) way to gain the lines back in the comic builder: Simply put "&old_builder=1" to the end of the URL. The old builders feature was mainly for people who's series would be disrupted by the update. After a while, people became so used to the thin lines that even the people who originally hated the thin lines are fine with them.


  • Along with the thin lines, the devs also released new clothing.
  • As of now, characters won't load when using the old builder.
  • Props show up in thin lines when using the old builder.

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