Timmy was one the many Bitstrips basic characters created on the developer's collaborative account known as Buddy. When Bitstrips was shut down in July of 2016, Every character, including Timmy, ceased to exist.

Timmy The Crybaby/Grounded Comics Edit

Between 2015 and 2016, a very bizzare trend involving Timmy and a sub-section of the Bitstrips Community which originated from Go! Animate (commonly and jokingly referred to as "The Noob Clan") surfaced known as "Timmy The Crybaby". In TTCB comics, Timmy was depicted as a very emotionally unstable young boy, who would constantly be grounded simply for crying. (This formula is similar to Go! Animate's infamous "Grounded" videos) Despite how widespread it may have been, there was never a consistant series created based off TTCB. This trend was partly a product of a fued that Sascha Hi had with a few other users, which later resulted in them making Grounded Comics on eachother. Eventually, this feud became even more widespread than ever for very unexplainable reasons. Certain users started using the TTCB formula to attack other users, created series such as "<user> Gets Grounded" or "<user> The Crybaby".

Due to all of this, Timmy became a symbol of infamy up until the site's deletion.

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