Ugly was a Bitstrips drama series created by Banana123. The series primarily focused on the themes of childhood and relationships, both heterosexual and homosexual. Although the series was popular for quite some time, it reached its peak during its final seasons which featured a gay relationship James Castelda and Leo Ryther.


Due to the popularity of "Ugly", Banana decided to make a sequel called "When Life Goes On". When Life Goes On is about the Ackerman siblings. Banana also made some spin-offs to Ugly. She made a series about Mellony and Emerald, the first two main characters in the series who had a lesbian relationship, living in 2013. She even made a spin-off of Ugly about James, Leo, and James' girlfriend, Jane, living different lives. But the most disliked spin-off Banana made was a spin-off called "Uglee", which was a stupider version of the actual series itself, starring Kirby and Trent, (one of whom apparently grew up looking like Yo Gabba Gabba) the gay couple from Banana's other series "I'm Not Yours", in place of Mellony and Emerald. 

The Deletion of the SeriesEdit

Following the completion of "I'm Not Yours", Banana began to lose interest in creating "When Life Goes On" as well as Ugly's several spin-offs. Due to this, along with Ugly's decrease in popularity, and Banana's own personal distaste for it, Ugly was later deleted, and only a few comics were left Published.

On February 21, 2015, Banana made a strip that was suggested to be called "Ugly in a Nutshell". It tells the story of James and Leo in a non-dramatic, yet confusing, sort of way.