Every month, at least one new thing is added. Here is a list of updates throughout 2013 (to keep you in the know.)

Date unknownEdit

  • The "Peter Pan" or "Robin Hood' feathered hat was removed
  • The "Story strip" template was changed to have 8 panels instead of 7

January 2013Edit

Nothing new came during this month.

February 2013Edit

  • A bunch of new props
  • New outfits for characters, including the long awaited hoodies 
  • some old outfits got new sprites (preview images)

March 2013Edit

  • New scenes and props, including some car scene props
  • Something called "Taxi_stuff", but won't load

April 2013Edit

  • The "In the News" is officially one years old.

May 2013Edit

  • A user's rating statistics got a new border
  • The "bug report" menu was removed

June 2013 Edit

  • The new builder was officially 1 year old on June 8th.
  • The design challenge turned one year old on June 15th.
  • In the news, both design challenges, Editorial, and the news (not newsfeed) were removed.
  • Theme of the day was moved to the opposite side of the front page.
  • The newsfeed was extended longer.

July 2013Edit

Nothing new came out this month.

August 2013Edit

  • Some new props added.
  • Taco prop now has insides and is not just 1/2 of the shell
  • The bun was added to the character builder
  • Headphones were removed

September 2013Edit

  • Old Bitstrips basic, Lucy, was changed to current builder.
  • Some new props added
  • Headphones returned as a hat instead of headgear
  • Random bug where multiple Bitstrips Basics and Famous and Featured are the same character that will soon need to be fixed
  • Facebook app and top 5 chart removed (2 facebook app features)

October 2013Edit

  • Bitstrips experienced (is experiencing) a 15 day period of extreme which made it so  some people could not status, comment or make comics. The Bitstrips Team on Twitter confirmed that it was for Server repair, The facebook and android app, as well as the FB news feed, has finished the lag meaning is the only one facing maintanence

November 2013 Edit

December 2013Edit