Every month, at least one new thing is added. Here is the list of updates July-December 2012 (to keep you in the know).

Date needs confirmationEdit

  • Freckles were added as an option in the pro mode
  • The skull on the pirate hat was changed

July 2012Edit

  • Miscelanious props
  • New scenes, including a subway station and donut shop
  • Scene props
  • Some previously unobtainable clothing was added to the new character builder
  • New editorial

August 2012Edit

  • more props
  • prop tags
  • New remix challenge
  • New panel mechanism: resize tool, zoom in/out tool and rotate tool were added in the panel as well as resizing, and deleted from the main menu, making space for the grouping tool (shift+clicking will activate the ability to use it)

September 2012Edit

  • More new scenes and scene prop
  • Announcement saying "Coming soon!", was scheduled for October 2nd according to Ba and a comic about it made by Buddy
  • New Remix challenge
  • Easter egg: Searching Goldtoons will bring up a door (and if he's on your friends list, anything by him) and searching Choozeboy will bring up the stench effect (again, if you're his friend, his stuff shows up as well.)

October 2012Edit

November 2012Edit

  • A poppy prop was added
  • The fire prop was updated
  • You are now able to obtain new items via Facebook (which isn't fair to those who don't have one):

December 2012Edit

  • new props and scenes were added 
  • two new hats were added to the character builder